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Market One Media Group

Market One is Canada’s leading full-service agency providing media and marketing solutions to public companies.


  • Produced tailored social media content for clients across clean tech, health, and mining industries.

  • Outlined, edited, and published articles for 90+ clients across reputable financial news outlets including BNN Bloomberg and Financial Post to drive brand awareness and generate leads, garnering up to 10,000 views per article.

  • Ran monthly Engagement, Follower, and Traffic ads for clients on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google, reaching up to 150% follower growth and maintaining a 10% monthly engagement rate.

  • Created monthly social media reports to measure monthly engagement, followers, and impressions for each client.

  • Managed key relationships with the Toronto Stock Exchange to create copy and run ads for several campaigns including "Views from the C-suite" and the "Venture 50" ranking.

Writing Samples

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